Volume 1 Number 2 Year - 2019

Number of articles: 110


Authors: Svetomir Simonović

Abstract: The work exposes a quality system model of an industrial entity based on cybernetic theory that deals with complex systems, nonlinearity, uncertainty and information in broad sense. Quality system encompass continuous cycle of information extraction, information creation and information transformation. Information extraction generates environment model that undergoes the Law of requisite variety. Information creation determines design quality and information transformation determines product quality. All the process can be understood as activity of a cybernetic system. It is obvious that methods like Quality Function Deployment, ISO 9000, and so on, are embodiments of a cybernetic system with the aim of adaptability to chaotic environment.

Keywords: System, Complexity, Uncertainty, Information, Adaptability, Nonlinearity Quality

DOI: 10.24874/PES01.02.005   Downloads: 98

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