Volume 3 Number 4 Year - 2021

Number of articles: 12


Authors: Hezekiah O. Adeyemi, Segun T. Alaba, Olasunkanmi O. Akinyemi, Babashola D. Odugbose, Ayoola A. Babalola

Abstract: Building industry is a core aspect in any nation’s economy growth. Buildings tend to fail depending on several factors and level of stockholders’ involvement. This study examined whether or not mechanical elements have association with the prevalent of building collapse in the study area. Questionnaire was used to collect data in some construction sites in Lagos, Nigeria which included construction professionals, supervisor, architects, structural engineer, quantities surveyors, mechanical and electrical engineers. Chi-square, cross tabulation and correlation were used to analyse the primary data on SPSS. About 80% of the respondents reported to have had experiences of building collapse, 89% attached high importance to inclusion of all relevant experts (mechanical services (MSs) inclusive) for optimum building strength and sustainability. The key areas of MSs reported requiring experts attention include; prevention of spillages from pipe leakages (72%), conduct piping (60%), drainage piping (57%) and soak-away-pit location (55%). Chi-Square =39.139, df =2 and p =0.001, indicated that the participants’ years of experience influenced. More than 50% who had spent above 4years on the job affirmed that proper MSs could help reduce the count of building collapse. It was affirmed that relevance of mechanical experts cannot be underrated if building strength must be sustained.

Keywords: Mechanical, Services, Building, Construction, collapse

DOI: 10.24874/PES03.04.007   Downloads: 357

Article info: pp. 433-440

Recieved: 16.03.2021  Accepted: 25.08.2021   Downloads: 357

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