Volume 3 Number 3 Year - 2021

Number of articles: 12


Authors: Moti Melkamu

Abstract: The economics development of the any countries it started from small business including with idea generate and currently, creating small business throughout the country it play a great role on developing economics of the developing countries with reducing jobless and make a wealthy peoples . In order to generate large business in a country it should follow and start from small business strategies, because it is a guide line for a large business. For starting a business the main input is existing gap or problem in the society and generate idea depend on that problems. Among generated idea it select which need a critical solution and a major problems in the society. For this study internet café is a major problems which need more attention and require a solution, Because, the number of population (people) are not match with the existing internet café and which exists also not satisfy the customer according to it needed at right quantity, quality and time. Because effective internet café is very needed around the universities, colleges and other schools, in order to compete with world technology and update their knowledge. Then it needed to develop business plan for internet café to solve the exist problem and generate a profit through satisfying the users. The prepared business plan considered the level of income of the users and internet café gives the services which satisfy the customer like; internet access, photo copy, print, scan, binder, laminate and other service and also include of niche like coffee for customers. This internet café has experienced workers according to their needs

Keywords: Small business, business plan, feasibility study, entrepreneurship, internet café

DOI: 10.24874/PES03.03.012   Downloads: 320

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