Volume 2 Number 4 Year - 2020

Number of articles: 13


Authors: Shujahat Ali, Wajahat Ali Ghulam, Waqas Ali, Rehan Najeeb Khan

Abstract: Every organization is moving towards new concepts and philosophies. Big Data is a growing broad concept and philosophy for many. A lot is need do on Big Data in context of IT world. In perspective of Human Resource and Big Data is at initial level where things are bit confusing and many HR Specialists still un-aware of this term. Big data is such kind of data, which resides and keep evolving to grow more day-by-day due to its dynamic nature. Big Data imbue numerous potential can be used in area of HRM. Big Data will caste new paradigm shift is HRM, where HR managers can easily decide and execute new HR strategies of future. Big Data will replace the old HR practices by ministering new techniques and policies by Technology, Analytics and Software inclination in every organization with time to come. Through analysis of literature and published research, we revealed that most of researchers are using the observational technique and data produced by algorithms and software as well as organizational process.

Keywords: Big Data; Human Resource Management; Analytics; Unstructured Data

DOI: 10.24874/PES02.04.013   Downloads: 28

Volume 2 (2020)

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