Volume 2 Number 4 Year - 2020

Number of articles: 13


Authors: David Ngwoke Mbazor

Abstract: The importance of office facilities and workplace environment in the university system cannot be overemphasized because office facilities help in facilitating work schedules and increase staff's efficiency and productivity. Unfortunately, in many universities in the developing countries such as Nigeria, there are in-adequate facilities in the staff offices, and such has resulted in low productivity and has impacted negatively in universities' global ranking. The study assessed the facilities provided in the staff offices at the federal university of technology Akure Nigeria and examined the essential facilities that influence staff productivity. A total of 204 questionnaires were administered to both the academic and non-academic staff members drawn from the eight (8) academic schools that are in the university. 184 of the administered questionnaires were retrieved from the respondents representing 90.2% and therefore served as the basis for the analysis. A descriptive method of analysis was used to analyze the data. The study revealed that the conditions of fire prevention facilities such as fire extinguisher installed for workers are not functional; the same applies to the toilet facilities. Also, the further revealed that the staffs are very dissatisfied with the condition of conveniences and the state of the sofa in the offices. Finally, the study revealed that the most relevant facilities that influence staff productivity are water, electricity, and Wi-Fi. The study, therefore, recommends that the universities should make adequate provision for water, toilet, electricity, sofa, and fire extinguishers in the staff offices as these have the potential of motivating workers for greater commitment and higher productivity.

Keywords: Office; Facilities; University; Work environment; Office facilities; Productivity

DOI: 10.24874/PES02.04.008   Downloads: 23

Volume 2 (2020)

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