Volume 2 Number 3 Year - 2020

Number of articles: 12


Authors: Rodrigo F. S. Gomes, Ingrid Gois Cardoso

Abstract: Among central challenges related to increasing organizational performance are the concerns associated with the productivity gain, cost reduction, employment of technology and qualification of the workforce. In this context, the concept of industry 4.0 has been expanding as a differentiation strategy for companies. This paper aims to evaluate the current scenario and the perspectives of the application of emerging technologies from Industry 4.0 regarding Quality Engineering, correlating them with the organization typology and the affected processes. The research is characterized by a systematic literature review in the Web of Science and Elsevier databases. The research results show certain emerging technologies are more strongly associated with Quality Engineering than others, suggesting different levels of maturity. The results suggest even greater adherence of emerging technologies by industrial type organizations instead of services, notably in processes of inspection, maintenance and production control. This study contributes to the academic community as it broadens the understanding of emerging technologies from industry 4.0 applied to Quality Engineering. Additionally, it identifies technologies with greater adherence in the current scenario and promotes a correlation with organizational typology, affected processes and expected impacts.

Keywords: Industry 4.0; Quality management; Quality Engineering

DOI: 10.24874/PES02.03.008   Downloads: 279

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