Volume 2 Number 2 Year - 2020

Number of articles: 10


Authors: Hilmiana, TutyPurwanti, Kartono, RamlahPujiAstuti

Abstract: This research is intended to descriptively analyze person-organization fit, job satisfaction, and employee turnover intention. Besides, this research aims to analyze the influence of person-organization fit and job satisfaction on employee turnover intention, both simultaneously and partially. The type of this research is descriptive and verification research. The population in this research consists of employees from Bank SyariahBukopin, Bank BNI Syariah, and Bank JabarBantenSyariah. Sampling technique used in this research is non-probability sampling using a saturated sample technique. This research uses multiple regression employing more than one independent variable, namely person-organization fit (X1) and job satisfaction (X2). While the dependent variable is the turnover intention (Y). The results of this research show that turnover intention is significantly and simultaneously influenced by person-organization fit and job satisfaction variables of 37.50%. While the rest 62.50% is influenced by other variables outside this research. They are possibly organizational commitment, employee engagement, social support, change management, leadership, organizational behavior, and others. It is thus implied that there are many other potential variables which may affect employee turnover intention. Partially, the results of this research show that the person-organization fit does not affect turnover intention. However, job satisfaction affects turnover intention quite significantly. Thus, the better the job satisfaction is, the higher the turnover intention becomes.

Keywords: Person-organization fit, Job satisfaction, Turnover intention

DOI: 10.24874/PES02.02.001   Downloads: 277

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